Morgan Hill View Loft
Embrace the Puget Passion

Morgan Hill View Loft

Four floors up in a cozy nest
towering over a bustling harbor
you snuggle down and watch the sunrise
from your feather bed -

Candle light dances to the soft music
bathing together under twinkling stars
you smile at your good fortune
a haven for peace and delight

  • bedroom and sitting room with panoramic view
  • microwave & fridge w/stocked breakfast
  • double sided tub
  • sound system, TV and VCR
  • no kids, no pets, no smoking, no shoes

Morgan Hill View Loft
606 Roosevelt
Port Townsend, WA 98368

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Click to see a larger photo

Click to see a larger photo

Morgan Hill View Loft offers one of the Olympic
Peninsula's most romantic lodgings. For travel
accommodations for the travel trade or for newlyweds,
this Port Townsend getaway has it all.

KING 5 Evening MagazineTop 5 Best Places to Kiss in Western Washington
Voted one of the Top 5
Best Places to Kiss in Western Washington!

"Come to a place so relaxing, you can literally forget about your problems..."

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