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"Come to a place so relaxing, you
Can literally forget about your problems,
Read all day, eat some of the healthiest food around, and
Spend no money on gas!"

Dear Fellow Traveler,

As I sat in the "Nautical Room" reading my favorite book, I couldn't help but look out the window. The moon shimmered above glasslike water between a grouping of Evergreen trees. It was so quiet I could hear my heart beat.
When was the last time you could do that?

Earlier that morning I sat at the kitchen bar and ate the most wholesome breakfast I'd had in years. Fresh fruit, green tea, and tofu on a health cracker.
The rest of my day consisted of the following:

-Taking a mid day nap
-Walking around the house with no shoes on
-Playing with two white Labrador Retrievers
-Shopping in town
-Eating lunch while watching State Ferry's come in
-Reading the newspaper in the peaceful dining room
-Viewing the Sound through a high powered telescope

What also amazed me about this one of a kind vacation spot, was how much money I didn't have to spend on gas! The downtown area was so close I could walk there in 10-15 minutes.

Am I talking about the Bahamas, Jamaica, Europe, or Australia? Maybe a Hawaiian paradise? No.


Imagine a place where you have a choice of three dwellings to stay!

Suited for families, this spacious getaway is stocked with relaxing furniture, breakfast, towels, dishes, and views to die for. Sit up all night and play a game of Monopoly, poker, or whatever your family or group enjoys.

Enter a "Dream Loft" through your own private entrance! You'll be in awe as you take a look at your queen sized bed, private sitting area for lazy time, complete with a couch, lounge chair, and hidden tub. Take a look through your "roof window" and view most of Port Townsend.

The 2000 square foot rental house has all the comforts of home. Walk around in your slippers on the hard wood floors and soft carpet. Enjoy a delicious breakfast courtesy of the property owner. Look at a photo album of 16 Labrador puppies!

In addition to all of this each private getaway has:

-double sided tubs
-kitchenettes stocked with breakfast
-water and mountain views
-outside patios

All I had to do to spend time at this top of the line private getaway, was either call 1-800-490-9070, or log onto their website at I was able to view the cottage, loft, and vacation rental online. They made it incredibly easy to pick dates with their availability calendar and pay for my own getaway right on their website.


If you're up for an adventure ask the owner (Ann Raab) to take you to "The Edge of the World". What is it? A high cliff inviting you to a view you won't forget. You can find out the rest by calling now or log onto


Staying at this amazing getaway gave me more than what I bargained for. On top of not having to spend money on gas, hiding in the loft fit for a king, and ignoring the rest of the world I found:

-the best places to kiss
-biking trails
-maps of inner city walking trials
-the best beach walks
-charts for identifying marine life

My adventurous side was piqued with a neighborhood treasure hunt, self guided historic house tours, and a self guided art studio! Ask and they'll show you how to do a "Design Your Home" weekend. Have "Lunch in the Bunkers", and if you're bringing that someone special you'll be amazed at the most innovative package I've found anywhere. THE PUGET PASSION UPGRADE!


Picture being in your "Loft Suite" as you lie on a massage table. An expert hot stone therapist skillfully maneuvers hot stones over your back, legs, and neck, while pain and tension disappear from your body.
You've just experienced a new treat. The NEUROMUSCULAR HOT STONE TREATMENT.
Only Morgan Hill Getaways could make my stay a hundred times better than what I hoped for!
They brought in a certified neuromuscular therapist (there are none in Port Townsend), who specializes in this type hot stone treatment.
Simply put, no other B&B does it like Morgan Hill Getaways. I don't know about you, but I plan on going back!
Do yourself, family, and that special someone a favor. Call now or log onto and schedule a stay you'll be talking about for years to come!

Morgan Hill Getaways
606 Roosevelt
Port Townsend, WA 98368

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